Mr Terence Abbott

Terence Abbott is Anangu Luritjiku ranger based in Papunya.  For many years he has led efforts to restore Ilpili springs, which are the primary source of water in a large expanse of the Southern Tanami Desert, and sit on the boundary between the Pintupi, Luritja and Warlpiri peoples.  Terence has a special connection to Ilpili, in that he lived at the springs with his family when he was a boy.  Over the years the springs were badly damaged by camels, and as a senior Traditional Owner, Terence works not only to restore the springs but to educate others on their value and historical importance.  Terence is also involved in other land management and conservation projects, including surveys for threatened animals and plants within the Southern Tanami Indigenous Protected Area – the largest conservation zone on the Australian mainland.

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