Melissa Wurramarrba and Ernest Daniels

Melissa Wurramarrba and Ernest Daniels are part of the Ngukurr Yangbala Group and are currently studying at Macquarie University. The Ngukurr Yangbala Group is a pathway program for Young People of Ngukurr to develop skills for potential employment in the remote community of Ngukurr, mainly for land management and cultural work. They work with scientists and elders to build their knowledge about Country and culture using both ways techniques – using Traditional knowledge and Western science. They are primarily funded by The Nature Conservancy and the Ngukurr Stronger Communities for Children initiative. The group is led by Senior Ngandi woman Cherry Wulumirr Daniels, Dr Emilie Ens (Macquarie University) and the Yugul Mangi Rangers of Ngukurr. 

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