Mr say’ay’ John Eli Sirois

John is Okanagan and Wenatchi of the Colville Confederated Tribes. say’ay’ studied History at Dartmouth College, Public Administration from the University of Washington and traditional ways from his elders. Mr. Sirois spent 20 years at the Colville Tribes’ in cultural revitalization, renewable energy, policy and governance as former Council Chairman and Member. John facilitates issues through a committee process to achieve the UCUT Mission.  Mr. Sirois was the former Chair of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation and worked toward cultural connections, stewardship and use of traditional lands. Mr. Sirois currently focusses his work on reintroduction of salmon and addressing climate change impacts.  John approaches his work through the lens of cultural upbringing and applied science. John seeks to build a better future for all for generations to come.  You can find say’ay’ camping, hunting, hiking and salmon fishing with his family!

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